Wednesday, April 16, 2014

parenting in parking lots

I read somewhere how older kids will open up riding in the car, because they don't have to look their parent in the eye while divulging what's bothering them, what's happening with their friends, what type of person they're becoming. Over-sharing is pretty rampant in our family but I'm keeping that in mind, in case I ever stop hearing about the daily details that make up their days.

We pick up milk, peanut butter, apples. We drop off mail, donations, musical instruments. The quiet admissions, hilarious retellings and occasional milestones happen when we're on the move. Slow down. Hurry up. Take the cart back. Costco pizza. Spelling P-I-Z-Z-A. Learning how to love someone that drives you crazy sometimes. Check my phone, when does soccer start? Put someone's little needs before your own little needs. 

That's where the big kids go, you'll go to school there someday, too. OK, we'll LOOK at the Legos. 

Little trips together make home feel so good. So proud of the things you understand.

Clean the garage. Show love to your family. Put the trucks and bikes away. Pull the baby's hood up.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vintage Daydreams: Summer Camp

Even though it snowed today, I'm starting to think about packing our girl for summer camp. I didn't grow up going away to camp myself, so my vision of her experience is based on two fine films, The Parent Trap and Indian Summer (both so good!) and also my going-on-two-year obsession with all things Wandawega. I'll be taking an obnoxious amount of photos when we drop her off and when we pick her up, too. Until then, I'm internet packing. Things she doesn't really need...but are camp related and...vintage-y cute. I believe my faves are the Notes From Camp, I think I might need to order those so I can receive one! xoxo M.

gallivanting girls

1Eyed Jacks


Desert Wanderer

Paper Canoe Printables

Long Since

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Whenever we get a new toy or contraption for the baby, big sis is always the person who puts it together. She has patience for reading the instructions and gets a kick out of seeing baby test out the latest exciting things...Still out wandering, road tripping and waiting for spring. I've been taking out my new camera and using the middle kiddo as a subject. His rosy cheeks show that winter is still in the air...xoxo martha

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


A photo of my kids each week, every week.

Where I spend most of my days - on the floor with this guy - seeing him charge at me with this little smile and his little half-crawl, half-scoot pretty much makes life worth living.

As he grows closer and closer to being in school all day long this fall, I treasure my afternoon story times and day trips with this one. We drove to the WI River and chased down some signs of spring.

Our dancer, singer and music maker. Tap, jazz, hip hop, clarinet, piano, choir. She rocks her own rhythm.
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